University students from across sub-Saharan Africa can now apply for the third annual Google Student Ambassadors (GSAs) programme, in which they would liaise between Google and campuses with a mission to use technology in making a difference.
GSAs will have an opportunity to enhance their professional development, leadership and communication skills, with access to a unique network of Google Ambassadors. The ambassadors will also learn about innovative Google products and programmes and will be responsible in planning and hosting events on campus.

“GSAs are improving collaboration and communication among students and faculty by conducting trainings on tools such as Google Apps for Education, Google+ for Education and YouTube for School,” Chukwuemeka Afigbo, Google’s Outreach Manager in Sub-Saharan Africa, said in a statement.

Afigbo said some of last year’s participants were able to use the skills they picked up during their tenure to start their own businesses, such as Webcoupers, a Nigerian digital marketing company started by two GSAs, Oluseyi Oladipo and Adepoju Abiodun (GSA Alumni).

Last year, the programme expanded to 12 countries from the previous inaugural six, with over 160 ambassadors from over 97 universities in Africa. GSAs were able to improve their universities’ online presence by mapping over 60 African university campuses, including the University of Ghana and Nigeria’s Obafemi Awolowo University.

Google says the programme consists of students Google has met over the years through mutual passion for technology and innovation, and eligibility is currently by nomination only.

To participate, one is required to fill an application form before April 11, 2013. More information on GSA and other student opportunities in Sub Saharan Africa can be found on Google’s University Programmes website.


Originally published by Elly Okutoyi on March 12, 2013

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