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Dear reader,
Welcome to the third issue of the quarterly iMENTORS newsletter!

This edition of the iMENTORS newsletter gives you more in-depth insights into current issues in the world of e-infrastructure, research infrastructure, national /regional research and education networks, ICT and data.

e-Infrastructures are changing the way that science is carried out. e-Infrastructures– electronic research infrastructures – are collections of ICT based resources and services used by the worldwide research and education community to conduct collaborative projects and generate, exchange and preserve knowledge.

e-Infrastructures add economic value both to business and research as well as enable ‘e-Government’. They are crucial in order to foster scientific excellence, promote global scientific partnerships and stimulate the development of high-quality human capital.

iMENTORS, launched in April 2012 by Stockholm University and Gov2u and co-funded by the European Commission is a web-based platform serving as a knowledge repository for sharing and aggregating data on e-infrastructure projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Join our Community of Practice! Register and create your own or your organisation’s public profile to exchange ideas, expertise and best practices, find partners, contacts and opportunities in e-infrastructure development, or increase the visibility of your own project.

In the next edition of our newsletter, our team will share the latest updates on projects we are currently participating in, upcoming events and interesting news that have caught our interest.
We hope you enjoy reading this issue of the iMENTORS newsletter!

The iMENTORS Newsletter team

Project news

Two EU co-funded projects join forces for e-Infrastructures

A memorandum of understanding (MoU), a document describing a bilateral agreement, was signed between eI4Africa and iMENTORS on 4 April indicating an intended common line of action. The two projects have a common interest in a close cooperation in order to achieve their respective objectives and promote the adoption of consolidated standards in the e-Infrastructure with the ultimate aim of boosting RTDI (Research, Technology Development and Innovation) in Africa. Read more...

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HOT OFF THE PRESS: iMENTORS interview - working towards sustainable development in Africa

“The objective of iMENTORS is to aggregate and display information about every e-infrastructure project plus related initiatives such as e-government, e-learning [and] e-health applications over the past five years,” said Louis Papaemmanuel, project director based at the Stockholm University, speaking to HumanIPO. Read full interview...

Live from PAERIP conference: Africa-EU research infrastructure cooperation initiative

iMENTORS was presented by EC e- infrastructures Head of Unit Kostas Glinos explained during the PAERIP conference that the ultimate objective of iMENTORS is to form a vibrant online community of practice made of international actors and practitioners exchanging of up-to-date knowledge and information through online social interactions and dedicated spaces for online collaboration, and encourage the community to adopt and update the platform on its own. Read more...

IST-Africa Highlights coming up: Showcasing iMENTORS

Join IST-Africa 2013 (Nairobi, 29 - 31 May 2013) and watch the iMENTORS presentation. To stay updated, register to our mailing list.

Relevant news

Data Storytelling: The Ultimate Collection of Resources

Zach Gemignani has collected some of the best blog posts, presentations, research papers, and other resources that take on this topic by. Read more...

Can digitization kick-start growth? Global Information Technology Report 2013
In sub-Saharan Africa, costly access to technology, a low skills base and unfavourable business conditions are among the chief obstacles. Read more...

eI4Africa survey on current or planned e-Infrastructure Applications
As a current or potential user of e-Infrastructures, the eI4Africa consortium would like to capture your details and your current or planned application by filling in this online survey.

Bill Gates: My Plan to Fix The World's Biggest Problems
What’s missing is often good measurement and a commitment to follow the data. Read more...

The Science of What We Do (and Don't) Know About Data Visualization
Things are more complex than they seem, largely due to the ways we see and digest charts, graphs, and other data-driven images. Read more...

What if Africa were to become the hub for global science?
The groundwork is there - knowledge, ingenuity, willingness to learn and adapt, coupled with the rapid expansion of digital technology. Read more...

Kenya set to launch research foundation
Kenyan science officials say they plan to set up a national research foundation to manage and disburse research grants. Read more...

Uganda: Upgraded ICT ministry could take on science and technology
A group of parliamentarians in Uganda have approved a motion designed to force the government to create a science ministry. Read more...

Could open data be the gamechanger when it comes to eradicating global poverty?
The goal is for this data to become actionable intelligence: a launchpad for investigation, analysis, triangulation, and improved decision making at all levels. Read more...

The Africa Grid Science Gateway is now online!
The Africa Grid Science Gateway is a standard-based web 2.0 demonstrative platform to show the lighthouse applications identified by the eI4Africa project and execute them on a worldwide (including Africa) e-Infrastructure

Semantic search on Linked Data
The CHAIN-REDS project has released the first public version of its semantic search tool on linked data.

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