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Dear reader,

Welcome to the first issue of the quarterly iMENTORS newsletter!

iMENTORS, launched in April 2012 by Stockholm University and Gov2u is an e-infrastructure mapping project which will cover all e-infrastructures in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) of the past five years. E-infrastructures are networked tools, data and resources that support a community of researchers, broadly including all those who participate in and benefit from research.

The overall objective of EU co-funded project is to enhance the coherence and effectiveness of international actors involved in e-infrastructures development projects and initiatives in SSA. The aim is provide valuable insights on the gaps and progress made in the region. This will enhance the coordination of international actors involved in information and communication technology (ICT) initiatives in SSA.

Join our Community of Practice! Register and create your own or your organisation's public profile. By doing so, you exchange ideas, expertise and best practices, find partners, contacts and opportunities in e-infrastructure development, or increase the visibility of your own project. The new collaborative space of the site will be available soon.

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Project news

Informational site launched
Check it out:





iMENTORS introduced at the IST Africa conference, May 2012

IST-Africa 2012 focused on the Role of ICT for Africa's Development and specifically on Applied ICT research topics addressing major societal and economic challenges, which is part of the European Commission's Information Communications Technologies (ICT) Theme of FP7. IST-Africa 2011 was the seventh in an Annual Conference Series which brought together senior representatives from leading commercial, government & research organisations across Africa and from Europe, to bridge the Digital Divide by sharing knowledge, experience, lessons learnt and good practice and discussing policy related issues. Read more

iMENTORS: Press release

A press release about the project was sent on 18 September to almost 1000 contacts in Europe and Africa. Read the press release.

iMENTORS: material online
  • iMENTORS has a new leaflet explaining its aims and objectives and inviting people to get involved. See the online version.

  • Click here to see the iMENTORS' Factsheet explaining the project rationale, objectives and the coordination and support activities.

  • See the iMENTORS poster

Relevant news

Fibre capacity, submarine cables, and African Internet in 2022

One presentation that stood out as we looked through the AfPIF 2012 Programme is from Liquid Telecom, a fibre operator in Southern Africa that is part of the Econet Group. See some interesting slides

Web Index measures impact of Internet in 18 African nations

The World Wide Web Foundation has produced the world's first "multi-dimensional measure of the Web's growth, utility, and impact on people and nations." The 2012 "Web Index" covers 61 nations - 18 of which are African.

Vodacom unleashes 4G in SA
Vodacom has become the first mobile operator in South Africa to commercially launch a 4G service, according to an announcement by the firm. Read more

Ghana achieves close to 100% mobile penetration
Ghana’s National Communications Authority (NCA) says the total mobile phone subscriber base in the country as of August, 2012 has jumped to 24.4 million. Read more

Broadband the solution says Nigeria’s Communications Commission
The Commission is keen to continue its success in the Internet sector across the country and has plans to roll out new infrastructure in rural areas to increase penetration.

Tanzania's invisible web revolution
East African governments are in the grip of internet fever. They have built thousands of miles of fibre-optic cable and intend to connect even the most remote villages to super-fast broadband. So is the web really transforming their lives?

Sky-high thinking for African internet
In just 12 months after the installation of the high-speed cables, the number of Kenyans on broadband rocketed from 1.8 million to more than 3 million. More...

The insider's guide to mobile Web and marketing in Kenya 2012
Kenya is the world leader in mobile money. For 19 million Kenyans, the cell phone is a wallet and bank account. They can get paid, transfer money, pay bills, withdraw cash and even make in-store purchases - no matter what handset. Now that is a catalyst for a vibrant mobile economy! More...

ZAMREN and TENET form the first UbuntuNet cross-border link
UbuntuNet Alliance announces that the research and education community in Zambia joined their global counterparts on Tuesday, 17th July 2012 when a team of Engineers from ZAMREN, ZESCO (the Zambian power utility company), TENET and CEC-Liquid Telecom completed installing a cross-border link between TENET and ZAMREN. More...

Many successful African startup companies have emerged from humble beginnings and have risen above challenges
Industry analysts make an interesting point about fledgling technology businesses in Africa: unlike markets generally perceived to be more developed, like the US, where capital is available, but ideas are scarce – in Africa there are many solid business ideas, but money is tight.


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