The eI4Africa project is very pleased to introduce its main project outcomes to date. They are significant and well acknowledged by the Africa-EU ICT/e-Infra community:

  • SURVEY / Launch of an on-going e-Infrastructures in Africa state-of-the-art survey to collect data on established and emerging e-Infrastructure applications in Africa. The results revealed some extremely interesting findings, including 43 potential e-Infrastructure applications, with respect to the current state of e-Infrastructure uptake in Africa, and brought to the fore some important avenues that could be further explored.
  • SURVEY #2 / Launch of a second survey to assess the economic, societal and environmental impact of e-Infrastructures applications in Africa
  • SCIENCE GATEWAY / Deployment of the first ever African Grid Science Gateway. This is one of the main outcomes of the project.
  • FLAGSHIP DEMOS / Identification and development of a range of African e-Infrastructure flagship demonstrators, including a Pharmacology Science Gateway, the TRODAN Data Repository, the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model and a Community Health Portal
  • THEMATIC WORKSHOPS / Development of three major eI4Africa gatherings in Malawi (‘On to e-Science!’ / May 2, 2013), Rwanda (’An African e-Infrastructure for Virtual Research Communities and their Applications’ / Nov. 13, 2013), and Nigeria (‘Leveraging Science Gateways & Virtual Research Communities in African e-Science’ / March 19, 2014). A fourth meeting on ‘High Performance Computing for Public Good’ will take place in Tanzania on June 3, 2014
  • STUDY / The project performed a desktop study of existing flagship demonstrations to illustrate their relevance to the African context in order to stimulate policy dialogue on related institutional infrastructure, such as national Certification Authorities (CAs), Identity Federations (IdFs) and Science Gateways (SGs).
  • CERTIFICATION AUTHORITIES / Development of a program to deploy certification authorities (CAs) across Africa; as a result Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania NRENs have successfully deployed CAs!
  • More project outcomes to come!