Have you ever needed to transfer large amounts of data between different distributed computing infrastructure (DCI) storage resources? This is necessary if, for example, an experiment runs on an infrastructure that is different from the one where the data is stored. In such cases, the data needs to be transferred rapidly from the original storage location to the storage location of the compute resource.


The Data Avenue service, developed at the Hungarian Academy of Science’s Institute for Computer Science and Control under the framework of Europe’s Scientific Gateway-Based User Support Project (SCI-BUS), has been designed to make such data transfers significantly easier. It supports various protocols and fulfils the needs of both high-level users and developers.

By providing a convenient user interface, Data Avenue enables end-users to browse, download, and upload data to and from storage resource. Users are also able to select data for running experiments on the DCI. In the case of web portals, such interfaces can be implemented as viewing portlets. The same interface can also be used to upload and download data to and from the user's own machine, as well as to and from the selected storage resource. Through use of Data Avenue, it is no longer necessary for developers to interface with multiple storage application programming interfaces.


There will be a live demo of the Data Avenue service at the European Grid Infrastructure Community Forum 2014in Helsinki, Finland.