According to an article published on The Next Web, The Internet can be a difficult space for entrepreneurs to maneuver considering the many facets to it. Should I start with a mobile presence first? Do I need an app or can I just optimize my website for mobile viewing? Should I advertise via Facebook or YouTube? All these are questions that companies tend to face.

And here is where a slideshow compiled by Vala Afshar, the CMO and Chief Customer Officer at American computer networking company Enterasys, comes in extremely useful. It rounds up ten statistics for five “mega trends” in IT that affect companies: mobile, social, cloud, big data and apps — making a total of 50 stats.

Statistics to do with the Internet are aplenty (we publish stories touting various stats every once in a while) — but this presentation pulls all of them together for an easy overview.

Want to find out how many apps will be downloaded this year, and if YouTube or cable networks reach more potential customers? Take a look at this slideshow.

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